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Chocolate Raisin Granola Bars

Chocolate Raisin Granola Bars

gfI love the conveyance of granola bars, they are a great idea of a snack for on the go. What I don't like though is that most of the them, even the ones that are suppose to be good for us are packed with sugar or worse corn syrup. I don't want to give ALL granola bars a bad wrap, some are quite good and certainly a much better option than other packaged snack foods, but still I thought I could make ones more to my liking. After several tries, this is the recipe that I am satisfied with sharing with the world. I hope it will please you and your family as much as mine. I am not sure the type of granola bar you have come across in your days but this one is not the light fluffy type with really big pieces of nuts and such held together with sweet sticky goo. This one is a bit like a cross between a solid English flapjack and the previously descibed American granola bar, bit heavy but not totally dense. I avoided big pieces of almonds so I wouldn't have to worry as our little one runs here and there with it.  Yet, if you aren't anticipating any little people eating your batch by all means portion half of the almonds for grounding and the other have for chopping.

Enjoy and happy travels.

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