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CaCoCake - Chocolate Covered Banana

Half chocolate, half banana topped, the Chocolate Covered Banana CaCoCake could at times be mistaken for a breakfast food.

CaCoCake - Spiced Nut

Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and all that spice. Topped with fresh walnuts, the CaCoCake makes for a cozy autumn celebration.

CaCoCake - Vanilla Strawberry Swirl

This CaCoCake is reminiscent of a traditional cheesecake. The vanilla beans give it a delightful vanilla flavor that is perfectly matched with sweet strawberries.

CaCoCake Banana Cinnamon

This CaCoCake is bursting with bananas. It has a slightly lighter texture then most other varieties, topped with finely shaven almonds and cinnamon. Every bite gives you a reason to dance.

Raw Carrot Cake Bites

Eating these carrot cake bites is as if you are eating a slice of fresh baked, moist and sweet carrot cake...except they not only offer your taste buds a treat they offer your whole body a treat. Packed with organic carrots, pecans, organic coconut and cinnamon, you won't have to worry about eating one too many.