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Double Layer Chia Seed Pudding

A dish that may be new to some. Yet, since it only takes a few minutes to prepare and the outcome is wonderful, it is well worth a try.

Maple Almond Coconut Bundt Cake

I have been working on this recipe for sometime. I really wanted a totally sugar free cake that still had a great flavor and texture. After many dense, unrisen failed attempts I am super happy to have this amazing, always rises bundt recipe to share. It is without sugar but it does contain maple syrup...as you probably guessed from the name. Yet, the amount is significantly smaller than the amount of sweetener in most bundt cakes. It is not overly sweet and it boasts perfect companion flavors like cinnamon and vanilla.

Coconut Rice Pudding

This delicious pudding is dairy free and also free from refined sugar. It is lightly sweetened naturally with a touch of maple syrup. It is a wonderful healthy alternative for something sweet after dinner or a lovely afternoon snack. Our family really loves this pudding and it never last longĀ once its warm smells fills up the house.

Chocolate Mousse Pie

You would never know it is vegan!